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Sierra Vista

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We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Pueblo del Sol Country Club
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Sierra Vista, AZ  85650
United States
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The Rotary Club of Sierra Vista held its weekly meeting on June 20th. The exempt badge was held by Lisa Stallcup, who is the Boy Scouts District Executive.
Lisa gave the club an update on scouting and the inclusion of girls in the Boy Scout
activities.  Explorer scouts are older 14 – 21 and have opportunities to learn about different career fields. Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Arts and Humanities, as well as other careers.
The speaker today was Kathy Calabrese who is with the Good Neighbor Alliance. The Good Neighbor Alliance (GNA) is an organization that helps homeless people in Cochise County. Kathy was a previous member of our Rotary Club and was familiar to many current members.  She explained there are two types of homeless people; temporary and chronically homeless. There is a Vulnerability Index, a number givento each homeless individual, to help ascertain what assistance is needed. Moreover, the Emergency Rooms in hospitals are their only source of medical care.
She explained that there are an estimated 86 chronically homeless people in Cochise County, mostly men, with about 50 of them in Sierra Vista. Bisbee has
the next highest number.
The police department checks on them in their encampments and tries to get them into programs that will help them.  Sometimes it is necessary to clean up the area in which they live, especially if it is State lands. There are services provided by HUD and the Veterans Administration to help people get on their feet.
Explained that many homeless have undiagnosed mental illness and many are dealing with Addictions. The GNA facility can provide beds for about 23 – 24 people, but many prefer to sleep outdoors.  In order to stay at the facility they must be sober. The facility provides breakfasts. The overall goal of GNA is to get individuals into appropriate assistance programs to try to get them off the streets.

This week, members of the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista were presented with thank you notes from Abigail and Angelica Boughan, who wrote the notes to express their thanks for Fourth of July fireworks.  The notes included pictures drawn by the girls and brought smiles to the entire Club.The keynote speaker for the Club was Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, who began by describing how the Cochise County Sheriff's Office has changed the way it does business.  Sheriff Dannels explained that the quality of business and the quality of service has become an emphasis and has seen significant recent improvement. One way the CCSO is doing this is by getting deputies out into the community interacting with the public more often.  Deputies are encouraged to make personal non-investigation related, contacts with county residents.  Supervisory staff is also being encouraged to get out of the office and onto the streets with the patroldeputies.
Sheriff Dannels then shifted focus to a familiar topic - border issues.  Sheriff Dannels explained that smugglers have increased their use of juveniles for illegal smuggling, as the penalties imposed on juveniles are generally less severe than those imposed on adult offenders.  In the last month and a half, the Sheriff's office has seen 22 juveniles being used for smuggling operations, which the sheriff explained was higher than ever before.
Sheriff Dannels also touched on the Dept. of Homeland Security’s new “Priority Deportation” program, which places deportation emphasis on the most violent offenders.  Sheriff Dannels explained that DHS often does not want to deal with lesser criminals, but leaves that responsibility on the shoulders of local law enforcement.Two relatively recent advancements in the Sheriff’s Office include the Sheriff's border team, which has been in place for approximately 18 months.  The team is tasked with focusing its efforts on Works any and all crimes occurring on the border.  Another new emphasis for the Sheriff's Office is to start a financial crimes unit.  Sheriff Dannels explained that millions of dollars in illegal proceeds make their way through Cochise County and into Mexico.  The goal is to stop money laundering in and through our county.
Finally, Sheriff Dannels discussed the increased public scrutiny of law enforcement officers throughout the country.  He feels that this increased scrutiny requires leaders to stand up and do what is right.  He explained that our county's law enforcement officers have tried to do as much as they can to improve the public's perception of law enforcement in the County, and that one way to strengthen our communities is to support family, faith and education.
Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are approaching a significant milestone: the eradication of type 3 wild poliovirus. The last case of polio caused by the type 3 virus was reported in Yobe, Nigeria, on 10 November 2012. 
What does it mean to "end polio"? Zero reported cases around the globe is the goal, but that's not all it will take to ensure that the world remains polio-free forever.  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) details the long-term plan to eradicate polio by 2018 in its endgame strategy. 

On June 6th the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista held its weekly meeting, chaired by newly-elected Emily Scherrer.
Treasurer Jack Lintner gave a short report about the Fourth of July fund raising.  It appears that enough money was raised to pay for the magnificent fireworks display.  The two day celebrationwent off with no problems, thanks to the extensive planning and organizing done by Randy Sueskind. The club gave Randy a round of applause for the excellent job he once again accomplished.
John Black reminded the club of the Tour de Tucson bicycle ride which is an annual fund raiser which takes place each November.  This has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in previous years for the eradication of polio.
The speaker today was Mike Moats who is with the Sunrise Rotary Club.  This club holds its meetings at 0630 each Wednesday.  Mike told our club about a project sponsored by his club after discussions with the school district.  The Sierra Vista School District has requested a playground for special-needschildren.  This playground will be built at the Town and country Elementary School.  It should accommodate 50 children with special needs, which is a substantial increase over previous years. In addition the district is expanding. The number of class rooms and adding pre-school education this up-coming school year.
Mike Moats’ club has sponsored this project and with the help of the other Rotary clubs in town, has raised a total of $16,000 to pay for this project.  Half of these funds is coming from a matching grant from the Rotary District 5500.  The new playground facility will include in-ground equipment and  toys.  Rotarians are planning an early morning meeting at the facility to assemble the equipment and finish the necessary details to have this playground ready prior to the beginning of new school year.
The Rotary Club of Sierra Vista meets each Monday for lunch at the Pueblo Del Sol Country Club. Anyone interested should contact President Emily Scherrer at

Every year, Sierra Vista Rotary puts on a spectacular 4th of July event complete with fireworks, food, beer, and entertainment.  This year the weather cooperated with us, and the event was more successful than ever.  As Rotarians, one of our strong pillars of belief is of that in our local community. We love Sierra Vista and we strive to make it great.  The 4th of July has become a pinaccle event in our community and one we're very proud of.  We haven't seen the numbers of attendees yet, but the showing was strong and the number of people who commented on what a nice event it is were many.  As our signature event, the 4th of July has become a symbol of what our club believes in: family, service, community. As a strong military community here in Sierra Vista, it is vital to have an event such as this where young military families can go and get a hot dog and discuss with their children the importance of things like "changing of the color guard."  As a family based organization, Rotary wants more opportunities for families to come together in safe environments while enjoying their community and its offerings.  We all had a wonderful time at the event, and hope you did too! Please feel free to contact us to volunteer at next year's event, or for more information on Rotary.
 Pictured: Dean, Joe & Al working the beer tent.

Our Rotary club officially joined social media a few months ago!  For pictures, upcoming events, and more Rotary information, please "like" and follow us here:
   On Monday evening, June 22nd, the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista held an installation dinner at the Mesquite Tree restaurant.  This gala event was well-attended with great food and drink. We were honored by having the Rotary District Governor Elect (soon to be District Governor) Frank Presson in attendance to swear in the new president and her new board of directors and assisting officers.
   Past president Grant Hays served as the MC and after the swearing in ceremony, turned his Ceremonial gavel over to Emily Scherrer, the newly sworn in club president.  Emily will serve from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, which is the Rotary Year.
   The other officers and directors were then sworn in by Mr. Presson.
   Les Orchekowsky was named Rotarian of the Year.  He was given a plaque and a standing ovation for his great involvement with so many Rotary events during the past year. Les was also instrumental in arranging this installation dinner.



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This excerpt from the July issue of The Rotarian magazine profiles the 2015-16 RI president. Before he gives a speech, K.R. Ravindran doesn’t like flowery, adulatory introductions. They make him uncomfortable. The 2015-16 Rotary president would rather keep a low profile and share the credit. If it were up to him, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. Negotiating Days of Tranquility during the Sri Lankan civil war so that health workers could administer drops of polio vaccine? Although it was on his desk that the agreement landed, he says, a lot of people worked to make that...